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Sunday, September 20, 2020

The number of internet users in India increased to 74.3 crores.

The number of Internet users in the country increased by 3.4 percent to 74.3 million in the quarter ended in March 2020. As per the report released by the telecom regulator TRAI on the quarterly performance of the sector, Reliance Jio stood first with 52.3 per cent market share in the quarter ended March 2020, while Bharti Airtel was second with 23.6 per cent share. Vodafone Idea ranked third in this period. The market share, based on its number of internet subscribers, stood at 18.7 per cent.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report, the number of internet users in the quarter ended December 2019 was 71.8 crore, which rose 3.40 per cent to 74.3 million in March 2020. The number of wireless internet subscribers in this was 72.07 crore, which is 97 percent of the total internet subscribers. At the same time, the number of subscribers using the Internet with wire was 24.4 million.

According to the report, 92.5 per cent of the total internet subscribers use broadband for the internet. The number of subscribers using broadband stood at 68.74 crores while the number of 'narrowband' subscribers was 5.57 crores.

According to TRAI's report Indicators of Performance of Indian Telecom Services, January-March 2020, the number of broadband internet subscribers increased 3.85 percent to 68.744 crores in March 2020 from 66.194 crores in December 2019.

The Internet access capacity is a minimum of 512 kilobits per second or more, it is called broadband connectivity. At the same time, internet speed is slow in narrowband. According to the report, the number of wireless internet subscribers increased by 3.51 percent to 72.07 crores in the quarter ended March 2020 as compared to the December quarter before.

TRAI said, 96.90 percent of the total internet customers use mobile for the internet. Whereas the number of subscribers using the Internet via wire was only 3.02 per cent at the end of March 2020.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) had 50.3 per cent stake in 1.247 million subscribers out of 2.242 crore subscribers using internet via telegram. Bharti Airtel had 24.7 lakh subscribers.

According to the report, Reliance Jio ranks first in the wireless internet category with a 53.76 per cent share in the quarter ended March 2020. It was followed by Bharti Airtel with a market share of 24 per cent.

According to the internet subscribers, the five major service areas were Maharashtra (6.3 crores), Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (5.8 crores), Uttar Pradesh (east) 5.46 crore, Tamil Nadu (5.1 crores) and Chhattisgarh, including Madhya Pradesh (4.8 crores).

Sunday, September 6, 2020


The fundamental meaning of the Jewish race 'Jew' is - a resident of the territories around Jerusalem called 'Yuda'. This territory was descended from Yuda, son of Yakub. The following meanings of 'Judaism' are found in the Bible - Judah's son Judah, his dynasty, his territory, the names of many other persons. The inhabitants of the Kingdom of Juda had become the main historical representatives of ancient Israel, which led to the use of the word Yiddish for the entire Israeli race. The original men of this caste were Abraham, so they are also called 'Hebrew'. Yakub's other name was Israel, hence he is also called 'Israeli' in addition to 'Hebrew' and 'Jew'. Those who believe in Judaism are called Jews. The habitat of the Jews is traditionally considered to be present-day Israel in West Asia, born after 1949. 

In the medieval period, they started living in many areas of Europe from where they had to face deportation in the nineteenth century and gradually displaced they live mainly in Israel and America today. They live as a minority community in all countries except Israel. Their main job is business. Judaism can be called the predecessor of Christianity and Islam. These three religions are also jointly called 'Ibrahimi Dharma'. Allah said about the Jews in the Holy Quran, "O Israel, remember my immorality which I gave you first and think (even think) that we have increased you from all the people of Jahan" (Sura 2-47) " And by your demise, you know the condition of those people who have gone to their limits on the day of Shambay (Furniture) (even though Mumaniyat went out to hunt), then we told them that you should become a monkey "(Sura2-65)" Then a few of you (all of them) turned away and you are the ones who turned away from the land. And (remember that time) when we have told you (your elders) Had taken that you (your elders) did not confess with each other and do not disturb the city, and you also testify about it (that yes it happened). Then the same people are you among themselves You kill each other, and by making love and force of one batch from your own people, and destroy the other city (and I am just enjoying it), if the same people become prisoners and come to you (ask for help), then liberate them. However Their removal was forbidden on you, so do you (books of God) believe in hawkish things and deny hawk, just those of you who do this should be punished for nothing but life, Be and (after all) be returned to the hard day on the Day of Judgment, and God is not ungrateful of what you do. "(Sura 2-83,84,85)" And Moses comes to you with light and light. You had already made the calf after them, and you were going to persecute yourself by it "(Sura2-92)" Israel, remember my blessings I have given to you and that I have given you Faced with the whole of Jahn "(Sura 2-122)" Of course we have condemned the Taurat in which (people's) Hidayat and Noor (Iman), according to that, the God-ordained Banda (Arabian-made Israel) kept ordering the Jews and Allah Wale and Ulameye (Jude) also (commanded) the books of God which he was made and he was also a witness to it. (A Muslim) Do not be afraid of you (at all) (rather) be afraid of me and my Income Do not take (in exchange for the world which is actually a very small price) and (understand that) those who do not give orders according to the (book) of the God of God, then such people are infuriated "(Sura 5- 44) "(Aye Rasool) tell me that I should tell you a far worse sentence in punishment near to God (good listen) which God has cursed and has done a great job on him and any of them (by clowning) Have made monkeys and (someone) pigs and (except God) have the devil's reputation, these people are far worse in the doorway and farther away from the path "(Sura 5-60)." It is said that Aziz is the son of God and Nusaira says that the Messiah (Jesus) is the son of God and this is his thing and (he himself) from his mouth these people started making the same things of the Kafirs that had passed before him. Are you going to stray (destroy) them from where they are going astray "(Sura 9-30)" O Israel, we have redeemed you from your enemy (the claws) and from you (Kohetur) on the right side I promised you and I am proud of you And (promised), eat and drink from the food and food that we have given you, and do not mischief (of any kind) or else you will get my blessing and (remember that) on which When I was so proud, he was surely misled (Halak) "(Sura 20-80,81)" And we made the book of Israel (Touret) and the rulers and prophets and gave them good things to eat and they all over the world Fought and they were openly pleaded with the plea, then after they had finished their ilm, they just fought against each other in the insistence that these people are against whom your family will decide on the Day of Judgment. "(Sura 45-16,17).


Judaism is the religion of Israel and Hebrew speakers and its sacred text is considered to be an ancient part of the Tanakh Bible. Islam and Christianity are the basis of this tradition and ideology. In this religion, the belief of monotheism and the messenger of God i.e. the Prophet is predominant. It is considered to be at least 3000 years old due to its written history. There is about 1.43 crore in the world who believe in Judaism, which is 0.2% of the world's population.

Theodore Herzl is considered the father of Judaism. Judaism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת Tsiyyonut IPA: after Zion) is a nationalist political movement of Jews and of Jewish culture that supports the restoration of the Jewish land in the historic landmass of Israel. Judaism began in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 19th century. It started as a national revival movement in response to the anti-Semitic nationalist movements of Europe. Soon after, most of the leaders of this movement accepted the goal of creating their own country within Palestine. Palestine was under the Osmani empire at that time. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

'Mission Karmayogi'

Narendra Modi

In a cabinet meeting chaired by PM Modi, on Wednesday, 'Mission Karmayogi' was approved for government officials. The Mission Karmayogi will be run under the National Program for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB). Officers will be given special training under this mission.

Work will be done on how to better the work of government officials under Mission Karmayogi. Increasing the skill of the officers will be the main objective of the scheme. This mission has been started to continuously increase the capacity of employees and officers after recruitment.

Online training

Union Minister Jitendra Singh said that in 2017 PM Modi went to the Training Institute of Civil Service Officers of Mussoorie. During that time, PM Modi had discussed a wide change in training. With the new digital platform launched under Mission Karmayogi, now civil service officers will be able to sit anywhere and take the training. Training will also be available through mobile, laptop, tablet.

C Chandramouli, Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), told that a civil service officer will have to be imaginative and innovative, active and simple, professional and progressive, energetic and able, transparent and technical, creative and creative. He said that this will be the vision of tomorrow's civil servants. 'Mission Karmayogi' sees a new national architecture for civil service capacity building. It focuses not only on the individual capacity building but also institutional capacity building and process.