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Thursday, December 5, 2019




Adamgarh is an ancient place. Adamgarh is very famous for the ancient stone paintings done here.

Admgarh is 2 km from Hoshangabad city of Madhya Pradesh state. Located near the Narmada River.

The remains of the Stone Age civilization can be easily seen in the paintings done in the caves of the Adamgarh hill.

Adamgarh, one of the ancient places under the control of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), is about 40 km far from the world famous Bhimbetka Caves.

In Adam's citadel, 20 rocky shelters are adorned with paintings, which are spread over an area of 4 km.

Painted rocky shelters built in the hills of Adamgarh belong to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods.

This art site has been unearthed with excavated material.
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